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We all love convenience and simplicity. When I first heard about laundry pods and dishwasher pods, I was pretty bummed I hadn’t come up with the idea myself. Brilliant, to put everything you need to clean and sanitize clothing and dishes in one small, neat package. The fact the colors were appealing was icing on the cake. My days of messy Tide Caps and Cascade bottles were done and I couldn’t be happier. A tidy home makes for a clear mind, or so they say, and I wanted nothing more.

Flash ahead and now we see that there are dangers lurking inside of these magical pods. At first, it was noticed that young children were developing serious respiratory issues after biting into these cool colored pods. To kids they look like candy. To pets they do as well. Over the past two years, there have been many cases of accidental ingestion of these pods. The Pet Poison Hotline has reported sever clinical signs and illness in dogs and cats who have decided to bite into these packets of convenience. The signs most concerning are respiratory, including cough and wheezing , along with difficulty breathing. Vomiting and lethargy have been reported as well.

When a pet bites into a highly concentrated detergent pod, the contents, which are under high pressure, are forcefully expelled, often right into the pets mouth. When this happens, aspiration into the lungs can occur, resulting in respiratory issues including irritation and pneumonia. If the product is ingested, it can severely irritate the stomach and intestines or even lead to an obstruction. Should your pet ingest either of these products, please contact your veterinarian immediately, so they can provide supportive care to get your pet through a potential crisis. All this is less likely to happen when a pet licks detergent off a bottle or cap. Perhaps a messy cap isn’t so bad after all.