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Clients are welcome into the practice, however, we ask that you please continue wearing a facemask, regardless of vaccination status.

The very best veterinary care is right in your own neighborhood

Your trusted animal hospital on Newbury Street

"We have never come across a better veterinary facility, period."

You’re not likely to find a group of people more invested in you and your pets anywhere else. At Back Bay Veterinary Clinic, veterinarian and animal hospital in Boston, MA, we’re a hands-on practice that offers the quality and convenience of a large animal hospital within a friendly neighborhood setting.

We want to know you and your pets by name and provide care that is exceptional and tailored to their needs. We also offer extended hours—so you know we’re here for you. Call us today at (617) 247-2273

Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Boston, MA
Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Boston, MA

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at Every Level

We welcome a variety of patients great and small; from dogs and cats to small mammals, birds, and reptiles. We're also AAHA-accredited, and all of our team members are Fear Free Certified. Like you, we wouldn’t want anything less for your pets.

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After Hours Veterinary Support Available 24/7


We're an Extension of the Community

Our animal hospital is a place that binds people together and brings the community closer. We are highly involved with rescue organizations, charitable giving, and making the Back Bay community a friendly place for pets.

This includes the Veterinary Care Charitable Fund. They use all donations to help animals rescued from situations of abuse and/or neglect, and the pets of families facing personal and financial hardships.

How we can serve you

Disease prevention lies at the core of our practice, and it’s the key to keeping your four-legged family members healthy. Our animal hospital is dedicated to preventative medicine and providing services that support their well-being, including:

The majority of your pet’s care will involve annual or semi-annual wellness exams, blood tests, vaccinations, and parasite prevention.

Your pet’s teeth need care and maintenance just like yours to prevent dental disease, tooth loss, bacteremia, and other harmful conditions.

Surgery allows for greater precision (and better results) when treating certain health problems, such as tumors, skin growths, and foreign body ingestion.

Looking to get the best haircut for your pet? Our groomer offers a variety of services that will make your pet feel amazing, inside and out!

from our Doctor

from our Doctor

Animals of all kinds fill my earliest memories . I knew at four that I wanted to become a veterinarian. Many years have passed, but the commitment to caring for those who cannot speak for themselves remains the same. Animals make us better people. They also rely on us to provide them with care to ensure their lives are as good as we can make them.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and completing an internship at Angell Animal Medical Center, my dream was to open a veterinary practice that provided the best care for its patients and the best service for their families. I wanted to become part of the fabric of a community, the neighborhood vet, a welcoming practice that could be counted on for personalized and exceptional care. A place where you’d come whenever you needed help to care for your furry family.

At Back Bay Veterinary Clinic we strive for just that. To stay ahead of the curve, abreast of the cutting edge, embrace the newest technologies and treatments, all while remaining true to the personalized connection. There is no replacement for the relationship and trust that forms between caregiver and patient, and the commitment that we undertake when caring for your pet stands as the most important part of our foundation.

Our clinic is warm and inviting and our team is composed of some of the kindest, most intelligent and incredible human beings you will ever meet. We treat our patients with a Fear Free approach that makes them rush up our steps on their arrival, or at least not hide in the corners.

We want what’s best for your pets and what’s best for your family, and we work together to provide the most exceptional care possible.

After 20 years on Newbury Street, I’m proud and humbled to be part of this amazing profession and this vibrant community, and most importantly to have had the privilege of caring for your beloved family members.

Please stop by to introduce yourself. There’s always a friendly face, a big gumball or piece of chocolate for you, and always a belly scratch and yummy treat for your best friend.

We hope to meet you soon.

Sincerely yours,


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