Veterinarian Cambridge, MA

At Back Bay Veterinary Clinic, we are a passionate hands-on practice that offers the convenience of a large animal hospital in a small neighborhood setting. We have been providing veterinary services to the Cambridge pet community for over 20 years. Our goal is to get to know you and your pets on a personal level so we can provide nothing but the best personal care to ensure your pets live a long healthy life. Besides just operating during normal business hours, we also provide extended hours 7 days a week. Book an Appointment or call/text us at (617)-247-2273 to come in and meet our veterinary staff today.

Wellness Exams for Pets Boston, MA
Focus on woman resting on dock with her dog. Background is of Charles River and City of Cambridge on opposite bank.

Pet Activities in Cambridge, MA

Pemberton Street Dog Run, Nunziato Field and Dog Park, Tudor Dog Park, Zero Washington Dog Park and Gold Star Mothers Park are some of the best parks to spend a playdate with your dog in the Cambridge area. After the dog park enjoy some dog friendly dining around Cambridge at these spots including Russell House Tavern, Loyal Nine, Cambridge Brewing Company, Alive & Kicking Lobsters and The Smoke Shop BBQ to name a few. If you are still looking for a pet near Cambridge, our staff highly recommends checking out a local animal shelter in the area. Animal Rescue of Boston, Ellen Gifford Shelter, Kitty Connection Inc and Broken Tail Rescue Cat Adoption Center are some great shelters we recommend checking out in the area.

Our Senior Preventive Care Package

As they age, your pet's health risks increase, making semi-annual exams an essential part of their care. When we can identify a disease or other problem before it causes clinical signs, your pet's treatment will be much more successful. Our senior preventive work-up breaks down all of the services we recommend for their needs. This complete screening diagnostic is suggested for seemingly healthy pets over 7 years old, the age at which "invisible" health changes start taking place within the body.


  • Complete lab work including:
    • Full body function
    • Thyroid level
    • Urinalysis
    • Screening tick test
    • Intestinal parasite testing
    • Chest X-rays to evaluate the heart, lungs, and thoracic cavity
  • Screening for cancer, kidney disease, heartworm disease, dental disease, arthritis, and much more
  • Blood pressure check
  • Radiographic review by a veterinary radiologist
  • Complete abdominal ultrasound
  • Additional testing may be recommended based on earlier findings

Contact our clinic at (617) 247-2273 for more information about this package, including the cost, how much you can save, and when to schedule. We look forward to hearing from you!

Need an International Health
Certificate to Travel with Your Pet?

International health certificates are a must for people who wish to take their pets with them on their travels abroad. Back Bay Veterinary Clinic is more than happy to help you collect and organize the necessary paperwork! Also, be sure that your pet is up-to-date with their yearly exam, vaccinations, blood tests, and parasite prevention.

For more detailed information about how to prepare for international travel with your pet, go here.