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Living in a major city, we have many clients with ties all over the world. If you plan on travelling overseas with your dog or cat, we can help prepare the paperwork necessary for travel.

Please know that there is no…


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Those several feet of challenging snow this winter provided a cozy blanket under which ticks stayed warm and happy. It’s summer, they’re back, and potentially in much greater numbers thanks to Mother Nature.

Ticks are nuisances, but…


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We all love convenience and simplicity. When I first heard about laundry pods and dishwasher pods, I was pretty bummed I hadn’t come up with the idea myself. Brilliant, to put everything you need to clean and sanitize clothing and dishes…


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There are few more profound buzz words in the animal food community than by-product. By far and away, this is the number one thing I hear from clients when asked about diets—they are quick to say their food is…


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I ‘ve recently seen a lot of clients anticipating the arrival of a new baby. Here are some tips on how to prepare your dog or cat for the newest member of the family.

Pets and Babies 1099 days ago.

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As the summer slowly winds down, I often ask pet owners whether their pet had a good summer. Some pets have followed their families on far-away vacations, while others have enjoyed weekly trips to the local beach. So much time…

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The “battle of the bulge” is nothing new. Now, more than ever, the human obesity epidemic is receiving daily attention in the news and media. But did you know that our pets’ waistlines are growing as well? Recent studies suggest…


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As a veterinarian, I must say that dog bites are not one of my favorite things.  Whether a dog bites someone else or is bitten by another dog – these cases are always serious and complicated. Recently, I was involved with two cases at…


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Welcome to the Blog of Back Bay Veterinary Clinic. Check in monthly to read our latest educational or interest piece all written by our very own doctors. We hope you enjoy reading and welcome input and feedback!! The first entry…